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  5. Patrol Deputy Positions

    NOW HIRING! What does Patrol Deputy do? The men and women assigned to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division perform the most visible and recognizable functions at the Sheriff’s Office. Patrol Officers are commonly seen in their roles of traffic enforcement or responding to a citizen’s call for assistance. You will find them behind… read more »

  6. Career Opportunities

    Current Job Openings Winter 2017: NOW HIRING! Patrol Deputy: 40 hours/week Starting $20.71 per hour ($43,076 annually); raise upon certification to $22.26 per hour ($46,300 annually). Laterals DOE. Rotating schedule includes days, nights, and weekends. Make a difference in our community. We are seeking qualified law enforcement candidates to be a part of our professional law… read more »

  7. Detention Deputy Positions

    NOW HIRING! What does a Detention Deputy do? Being a Deputy in the Blaine County Detention Facility is a highly skilled profession. Deputies attend the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy for 6 weeks, complete an extensive in house JTO program, and receive annual specialized training. Detention Deputies perform a long list of interesting and challenging… read more »

  8. Central Control Positions

    NOW HIRING! What Does a Central Control Operator Do? A Control Operator is an entry level non-certified detention staff position whose primary responsibility is to assist the safety, security and movement of staff and incarcerated public offenders in the Blaine County Detention Center. Control Operators require a HIGH LEVEL OF MULTI-TASKING ability to operate technical… read more »

  9. Victim Notification

    Victim Services VINE Idaho Statewide Service Number: (866) 984-6343 or visit What is VINE? VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is an automated service provided by the Idaho Sheriff’s Association that lets you track an offender’s custody and court case status over the phone or Internet. You can register to be notified by phone… read more »

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