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Lost Paraglider Pilot Search
8/27/2012 2:57:41 PM
Holly Carter

Press Release

August 27, 2012

1400 hrs

Blaine County Sheriff Gene D. Ramsey announced that the Blaine County Search and Rescue is currently searching for a lost paraglider pilot. Guy Anderson, a British citizen, was last reported Saturday 08/25/2012 at approximately 1320 hours 7.21 air miles Northeast of Hailey above Quigley Canyon. A tracking device reported his elevation at 10,647 feet. Anderson is 49 years old, 6’2”, 190 lbs, and wearing a black helmet and jacket. He is considered to be an elite pilot with a good sense of aviation, resourceful, fit, and strong willed.

On 08/25/2012 the Paragliding World Cup event, a weeklong international competition currently being held in Sun Valley, Idaho had a planned flight course schedule for the day to fly from Bald Mountain in Ketchum to Arco, approximately 60 miles.  At approximately 2023 hours, Zac Hargraves, the Safety Coordinator for the paragliding event, reported that they had two pilots missing.

At approximately 0730 hours on 08/26/2012 Blaine County Search and Rescue Command was put in place and a formal search was initiated. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) planes were dispatched from Idaho Falls and Pocatello to conduct a grid search for Anderson. The Paragliding World Cup event command center began to coordinate operations with at least 50 people on the ground. At approximately 1530 hours, the command center was relocated to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office at the Blaine County Public Safety Facility in Hailey.

At approximately 1640 hours, CAP left the search area due to the storm system moving through. At approximately 1815 hours, a helicopter from the Idaho National Guard arrived in the area of the last known point to assist with the search. At the time of this release, over 70 individuals are involved in the search for Anderson including many fellow pilots from the PWC competition and BCSAR volunteers.

The second pilot, Juan Becerra, age unknown of Venezuela, reported an emergency at approximately 1620 hours, near the area of the Flat Top Ranch, north of Carey. At approximately 2335 hours, a glider and pack was found, but without its pilot. At approximately 0045 hours, Becerra was located and no medical assistance was required.

Additional information will be made available as the search progresses.

Agency Contact:      Sheriff Gene Ramsey         Phone: (208) 788-5555