Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests

The Blaine County Assessor’s Office is committed to fulfilling public records requests outlined in Idaho Code section 74-102. This allows citizen access to government records while protecting the privacy rights of our property owners. We will not disclose confidential information as covered in Idaho Code section 63-3076-3077.

Many public records and general information is available on the Blaine County GIS parcel information search  

Public records request requirements

All records kept by local agencies are available for public inspection unless the law specifically exempts them. You’re entitled to access public records under reasonable conditions and to get copies of those records. Exceptions to public records requests can be found in Idaho Code section 74-101-126.

How to submit a public records request

Complete the request form and waiver and return them by mail to: 

Joanne Freeman

Blaine County Assessor Records Custodian

219 S First Avenue, Suite 101

Hailey, ID 83333

Or by email to:

Request Form


Responding to a request

Our Records Custodian has three working days to respond to the request, but it may take up to ten working days to fill requests in certain circumstances. 

If a request is denied, the Records Custodian will identify the specific exemption believed to justify the denial.