Recording Information & Fees

Idaho Statute 31-3205

Except as otherwise noted below, $10 for the first page and $3 for each additional page. For recording each of the following types of instruments, provided such instrument is 30 pages or less:

  • Deeds, grants and conveyances of real property: $15
  • Trust deeds or mortgages of real property, including fixture filings (UCC mortgages), security agreements and assignments of leases and rents if contained within the same instrument for recording: $45
  • Substitution of trustee $10 for document up to 30 pages.
  • Reconveyances of trust deeds, including a substitution of trustee if contained within the same instrument for recording, and releases of mortgages: $15
  • Powers of Attorney: $25
  • Delinquency List $25 for Irrigation Districts Levy and Collection of Assessments per Idaho Statute Title 43 Chapter 7

No fee for UCC terminations.


Title 31 County and County Law Chapter 24 Recorder:

  • Must be space on one of the pages for a 2 inch by 3 inch Recorder’s stamp preferably on the Top Right Corner.
  • Legal description of property is required.
  • Document must bear original, notarized signatures per Idaho Statute Title 55-805.
  • Grantees must have addresses listed. This is where the tax notices will be sent. Idaho Statute Title 55-601.
  • On blanket assignments, the first number assigned will be included in the $10 first page charge, extra numbers will be assessed an extra $1 per number per Idaho Statute 31-3205 (f). For release or assignment where more than one document is released or assigned in the same instrument, for each additional release or assignment $1.
  • Original documents will be returned. Please include a return, self-addressed stamped envelope to reduce return mailing errors.
  • Documents will be scanned, therefore, they must be very clear and legible.
  • If the documents are computer generated, print should be no smaller than typewriter 10 pitch. Originals will be returned. Please include a return, stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Title 45 Liens, Mortgages & Pledges

Mining Idaho Title 47


  • Surveys
  • $5 per page - Requires 1 Mylar and 1 blueprint with a data space (for recorder to fill in date, number, etc.)

Plats & Vacations

  • Plats and Vacations
  • Fee: $11 for two page set consisting of front page and signature page. Extra pages are an additional $1 per page.
  • Required: 2 mylar sets and 1 blueprint set:
    • One original (If ink is used on drafting film, the ink surface shall be coated with a suitable substance to assure permanent legibility.
    • One silver emulsion and
    • One blueprint of all plats brought in for recording. Plats must have all signatures and seals before being presented to the recorder’s office for recording.
  • Filing and Recording Plats Title 50-1310


  • $1 per page for recorded documents
  • $1 for certification of a document
  • $0.15 per page for unrecorded documents