Probation is a sentencing option which provides an individual with an opportunity to be supervised in a community setting rather than be placed in a jail or correctional facility. Probation Officers work with individuals to identify and implement strategies that can help individuals be successful and reduce the chance of further involvement with the criminal justice system.

One of our primary responsibilities is to supervise individuals that are placed on diversion, juvenile probation and adult misdemeanor probation.  We are an organization that is committed to improving health and safety in our community and our efforts include collaboration with law enforcement, the courts, community organizations, policy makers and citizens to facilitate positive changes in the individuals we supervise. 

Department Philosophy

The Blaine County Probation Department respects and values each person’s capacity to change.

Department Vision

Our community will be a safe and healthy place where people are connected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential

Department Mission

The department mission is to increase public health and safety

Department Values

Integrity – We are honest, fair and professional with strong moral and ethical principles and seek to encourage this in the individuals we serve.

Hope – we have an expectation of positive changes and a belief that things can improve within individuals, organizations and communities

Empathy – we have the ability to share and understand someone else’s feelings and this translates to the individuals we serve, their families, victims, and the greater community

Accountability – acknowledging and assuming responsibility for your actions and decisions

Respect – acting in a way that shows that you care about others’ feelings, point of view and well-being.

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