Educate Your Child

Blaine County Communications promotes public awareness and understanding of the communities' emergency response resources, and how to access them, by providing speakers to address community organizations regarding the role and operation of the 911 Center. The Center also develops informational presentations and resources for populations with special needs and maintains relations with such organizations to facilitate access to the 911 services. 

Further, we provide informational resources and materials about the 911 Center to children to instruct them in how and when to make a 911 call. We have promoted and assisted in the production of news media materials/presentations to explain the 911 Center to the public.

Please make sure your child knows that they can call 911 on a cellular telephone, home telephone or pay telephone (for free) at anytime to get help.

Important Points

Important points to emphasize are:

  • 911 is for emergencies only
  • 911 is the number to call for the police, the fire department, an ambulance, or a poison emergency
  • If your child is not sure if it is a true emergency, it is okay to call 911
  • Teach them the address to their home

Remind your child that calling 911 is a serious matter. Prank calls, calling 911 and hanging up, or calling 911 just to practice can prevent someone with a real emergency from getting the help they need.