Community Service

Community service is court ordered unpaid work that is intended to benefit a non-profit organization.  It is intended to hold individuals accountable for their behavior and to repair the harm that has been done to a victim or the community.  

Ideally, community service can provide a way for individuals to meaningfully connect with their community, feel a sense of accomplishment through the work hours they completed, and is a pro-social, structured activity.  

If community service is ordered, then you will be charged $.60 per hour to cover workman’s compensation insurance.  This fee must be paid before any community service hours our completed.

As mentioned above, most individuals complete their community service for a non-profit organization.  Please talk to your probation officer if you have other ideas for community service. It is not uncommon for individuals and their probation officer to work together to find a project that satisfies the community service requirement and allows the individual to use their strengths and talents to complete meaningful work in our community.

Proof of community service must be provided to your probation officer and needs to include:  the organization name (preferably on letterhead); the hours and dates community service were completed; type of work completed; and a name and contact person who supervised the hours.  You can access a copy of the Blaine County Probation Department form here