Campaign Finance

During election cycles, candidates are required to disclosure certain financial information about their campaign as part of Idaho’s Sunshine Law. This law was enacted by Idaho Voters in 1974 to increase transparency in political campaigns. The information below will help candidates meet the finance reporting requirements. Starting in 2020, all candidates are required to file their campaign finance reports online through the Idaho Secretary of State’s website. Federal campaign finance reports are available at

Campaign Finance reports are due on the 10th of each month. 

-County Candidates that do not reach a $500 threshold do not need to create a campaign Finance account or file monthly reports. See Idaho Code 67-6608(1).

-All contribution of $1000 or more require a 48 hour notice regardless of reporting period. See Idaho Code 67-6607(3) and 67-6608(2).

-See Idaho Code 67-6607 for monthly/annual filing requirements.

-Late filing fees accrue at a rate of $50 per day. See Idaho Code 67-6625A.

Campaign Disclosure Manual for Candidates and Political Committees

Campaign Finance Portal