Absentee Voting

1. Request a ballot.

If you would like to vote absentee, you will need to complete the absentee ballot request form either online or submit a paper application. Your request is valid for the calendar year. You can complete the online form, or download and return the paper form to us by mail, fax, email or visiting our office. Please note, you must request your ballot at least 11-days prior to the election by mail, fax or email. Please allow seven to 10 days to process your request.

2. Complete your ballot. 

Take the time to completely fill out your ballot.

3. Return your ballot to Blaine County Elections. 

Once you are done voting, you need to return your ballot to us. You can return your ballot by mail, in person at the Elections Office or return it to our drop box located in the east side of the Old Courthouse. All ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted.

You may check your absentee ballot status by searching your name at VoteIdaho.gov.