Financial Obligations for Adult Misdemeanor Clients

If you are placed on probation, then you should be aware of court ordered fines and fees that are associated with being placed on probation.  Magistrate Judges have discretion on the amount of fines they impose and suspend.  Common fees related to probation include:

•    Probation supervision fees of $40 for each month that you remain on supervised probation.

•    Community service fees of $.60 per hour ordered.  This fee covers workman’s compensation insurance and needs to be paid prior to beginning work on a community service project.  For more information on community service click here.  

•    Alcohol and Drug Testing Fees – these fees vary on the location of the testing and must be paid prior to the test being administered.

You will not receive a monthly bill for court fines, fees or restitution.  Payments can me paid online at, over the phone by contacting 208-788-5521 or sent to 201 2nd Avenue S, Ste 106, Hailey, Idaho  83333.  Please have your full name and case number to make a payment.       

Other additional costs associated with probation include fees for educational classes, evaluations, counseling, or other programming that is required for you to successfully complete the terms and conditions of probation.  These fees must be paid at the time of service to the provider or payment arrangements may be made through the Blaine County Probation Department.