Alcohol and Drug Testing

Drug testing and alcohol testing is a standard term of supervised probation.   It is often required because use of alcohol and drug is a risk factor for ongoing involvement in the criminal justice system.  

The Blaine County Probation Department makes every effort to use drug and alcohol testing as a tool for assessment and accountability.  We also use it as a way to monitor progress and provide incentives for abstinence from use of alcohol and illegal substances.

Your probation officer may contact you and require that you submit to an alcohol or drug test at any time.  Another option is participation in our random testing program, which requires daily phone calls to our testing line to determine whether you must report for testing.  Specific instructions on the requirements for random drug testing are included in the Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Agreement.  

Costs associated with alcohol and drug testing vary based on the type of test conducted and whether there is a need for verification of results from a laboratory.   Blaine County Probation Department staff will provide you with information regarding costs.  We expect payment on the day you submit to testing.