Frequently Asked Questions

What are noxious weeds? 

Noxious weeds are plants that are not native to Idaho. They are incredibly destructive to the local ecology, livestock, crop yield, and the natural landscape. A plant is placed on the noxious weed list after the state has determined that it can cause considerable damage to wildlife, agriculture, health, and recreation.

Weeds can be introduced to the local environment through seed dispersal. Seeds can travel on clothes, equipment, animals, etc. Others are introduced as garden ornamentals or as aquatic plants for aquariums.

What is the Idaho Noxious weed law? Does Blaine County have a Noxious Weed Ordinance? 

Blaine County Ordinance

County Ordinance 2016-01: On February 23rd the Board of County Commissions unanimously passed County ordinance number 2016-01 (PDF), declaring certain plant species as County noxious weeds, prohibiting the sale, planting, and possession of any plant on the County noxious weed list, and providing penalties for violations. Plants included on the County noxious weed list include Japanese Yew (Taxus cuspidata), European or English Yew (Taxus baccata), and Chinese Yew (Taxus chinensis) and their hybrids. The ordinance is effective as of March 2, 2016.

Idaho Law

Idaho Code, Title 22 Chapter 24- Noxious Weeds

Administrative Rules: Noxious Weeds, IDPA 02.06.22

What are the noxious weeds in Blaine County?

There are 25 known noxious weeds in Blaine County. 

  1. Black Henbane
  2. Canada thistle
  3. Curlyleaf Pondweed 
  4. Dalmation Toadflax 
  5. Diffuse knapweed
  6. Dyer’s Woad
  7. Field Bindweed 
  8. Hoary Alyssum 
  9. Houndstongue
  10. Johnsongrass 
  11. Jointed Goatgrass
  12. Leafy spurge
  13. Mediterranean Sage
  14. Oxeye daisy
  15. Perennial Pepperweed
  16. Perennial Sowthistle
  17. Poison hemlock
  18. Puncturevine
  19. Rush Skelatonweed
  20. Russian knapweed
  21. Scotch Thistle
  22. Spotted Knapweed
  23. Vipers Bugloss
  24. Hoary Cress
  25. Yellow Toadflax

Is there a list of pesticide applicators in the County?

Blaine County Weed Control offers this list as a service to property owners seeking to identify weed control contractors in Blaine County.  This is only a partial list of applicators available in the area.  For additional resources, consult the yellow pages under weed control or landscaping

  • AK Pest Management: 208-450-9052
  • Gil’s Landscape & Maintenance, LLC: 208-721-7995
  • A Step Above Landscaping: 208-578-9506
  • Big Wood Landscaping: 208-726-4167
  • Clearwater Landscaping: 208-726-9412
  • Cooper Landscaping Services: 208-726-6026*
  • Evergreen Landscaping: 208-726-5267
  • Millennial Landscaping Services: 208-578-0500
  • Webb Landscape: 208-788-2066
  • Organic Solutions: 208-578-3622
  • Environmental Resources: 208-788-9314
  • Mother Earth Landscape Care: 208-471-0215
  • Pasture Care A-Z: 208-308-8386

Can you help me identify a weed? 

Yes! We would love you to visit at 206 1st Avenue South Suite 306, Hailey, ID 83333. Please call ahead to ensure that we are in the office. The number is 208-788-5543.

What is the best time to start preparing for weeds? 

Generally, preparing for weeds is often best in early spring and late fall. We approach each weed species differently. Please call in 208-788-5543 for recommendations and the best course of action. 

Can the Blaine County Noxious Weed Department spray my pasture or lawn for weeds? 

Though Blaine County does not spray residential lawns, we do have a list of applicators.

Can you tell me the chemical that was sprayed? 

We would be happy to answer any questions you have! Noxious weed location, proximity to water, and type of weed determines what chemical is used. Please call 208-788-5543 with the weed, location, and proximity of water so we can accurately answer your question.